June 28, 2022

Easy Workarounds To Fix Roadrunner Email Issues Pop-Up On iPhone

Most of the issues related to the email encounter on the iPhone can be easily fixed through simple troubleshooting steps. Today, in this post you are going to learn, how you can fix several issues from the iPhone related to the Roadrunner email.

RR Email Login

With the launch of the smartphone, communication has now become easier than ever. You can send any kind of file to your colleague or friend with the touch of a finger. If you want you can access social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram from the iPhone.

However, if you are getting a problem in receiving the messages in the inbox of your Roadrunner e-mail, then you might be disappointed and it is understood. Well, there is nothing to worry about, the steps which we are going to discuss with you will fix the problem without putting much effort.

  1. Check network connectivity: 

If the network you are going to connect to is not available on the iPhone, then you will be notified for the same on the screen. Under such circumstances, you can contact the ISP. You should know the ISP password to which you are going to connect your iPhone.

  1. Restart email app: 

There is a dedicated app of email available on the iPhone which you can download from the app store. If you have downloaded the app and try to access the email through it but facing a problem, then there are chances that the email app files required for configuration are missing or the cache files are still available on the phone. You need to restart the email app by force closing it from the home screen. Double click on the home screen to open the recent apps. Swipe the app up or down to force close the app.

  1. Restart iPhone: 

After restarting the app, if you are still facing the same problem with the email on your iPhone, then it is recommended to restart the iPhone. Simply press the power button from the side of the panel and you will find the ‘Switch off’ option on the screen. Wait for 2 minutes and press the button again to restart.

  1. Update iOS: 

Keep on updating the iOS of your iPhone as the bugs reported in the previous version gets removed by the developer in the new version. This will moreover enhance the overall performance of the device.

  1. Delete the account: 

This is the last resort to the problem. If you are still facing problem in accessing the RR email from the iPhone, then delete the account from the device and add it again. This will fix the problem. When you delete an account from the phone, this will not delete any email from the inbox. You simply have to configure the email again on your device by entering the right incoming and outgoing server settings.

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