Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing That Your Most Precious Items Are Storied In A Completely Safe Facility

The short term for’self storage’ is “self corning mini storage“. It’s also commonly referred to by the terms ‘mini-warehouse’ or mini storage. They rent space out to individuals to keep their personal belongings. Some facilities may be available to rent by small businesses. As a person or a small company, you are referred to by the term tenant. Your storage space will be referred in this case as lockers. The lock is yours to keep once the contents are in place.

Storage Units: What’s the Difference?

In general, a warehouse offers an enormous amount of space. Yet, many small companies and individuals are not in need of such large areas to store their products. Of course, the cost of these storage facilities is also high. Mini warehouses have small spaces and so are great for anyone with limited requirements.

The material stored by the company will also be available to employees and warehouse managers on a casual basis. However, this is never true with self-storage mini units. They are all locked and you get to keep the key.

A final difference exists between these two. Rent is included in the price of an insurance policy when you rent a larger facility. The mini warehouses do not offer this service. You are of course able to purchase insurance independently.

Across the US and Canada are small, self-contained facilities where you can keep your materials.

By the end 2008, it is estimated that there were 51.250 self-storage centers in the US. Over 30,235 businesses own and manage these facilities. In the United States, the total area available for facilities is 2.35 billion square meters – that’s more than 3 times Manhattan in New York. These facilities are being constructed not only in North America but in Canada as well.

Many people today understand the importance of storing valuable items in a safe facility. As a result, the market seems to be growing. Fact is, there’s fierce competition between the service providers. And many are popping up. This means that such an establishment is likely to be located near to you.

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