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Benefits of Furniture with Ligature Resistant Legs in Mental Health

The behavioral health industry strives to provide a safe and comfortable environment for staff and patients SteelCell. It can be difficult to design and create this type of atmosphere. Furniture with few or no ligature point is needed in every room, depending on supervision and the risk factors for its inhabitants. Qualitative ligature-resistant furnishings reduce potential risks for centers of mental health and help to create healthy and comfortable environments. Continue reading to find out more about this kind of furniture, including its features.

What Are the Benefits of Ligature Resistant Furniture

This type of furniture has been designed to minimise ligature point that may allow patients to harm themselves. These furniture pieces have ligature-resistant characteristics such as rounded, smooth edges and the capability to weight or bolt them down.

Features that Resist Licking

Two main factors should be considered when looking for ligature resistance in behavioral health furniture: the material used and the design. Material must be sturdy and nearly unbreakable in order to avoid any potential harm. A good example of strong and quality material is Rotationally Molded Polyethylene. Cortech USA produces all its behavioral health furnishings with high impact polyethylene, which increases strength and durability. In terms of design, all Cortech USA products are constructed without seams, edges, or corners which could harm staff or patients. The design is comfortable, with the option to bolt or add weights to the flooring.

Support for Patients and Staff

Safety is the primary benefit of furniture that resists ligatures. The use of high-quality furniture and materials combined with carefully thought out designs will reduce the risk of physical injury for patients and staff. This in turn, can lead to a more comfortable and safe environment.

Choose the best prison furniture with these 3 helpful tips

Choosing the right corrections furniture requires time and thought. Safety and durability are key, but also comfort and relevance should be taken into consideration. Some helpful tips on choosing the correct prison furniture.

1. Safety and Tamperproof

For the security of both the inmates and the staff, it is essential that all furniture be safe. Cortech USA’s corrections furnishings are designed to be durable and safe. The furniture that is available on our site has been designed with materials like high-impact polyethylene which are “non-breakable” and have tamper proof hardware to increase safety. The furniture is durable, resistant to weapon manufacturing, tamperproof and has a tamper-proof hardware. These types of furniture are durable enough to withstand even regular use.

2. Simple-to-Clean Material

Choose materials that are easily cleaned when choosing furniture for prisons. Materials that are hard to clean or maintain such as metal and fabrics should be avoided. Most of our products such as corrections beds, chairs and tables are treated with the CORx antimicrobial substance to inhibit the growth bacteria. All you need for regular cleanings is a towel, wipe, or any cleaning product.

3. Designs that Resist Ligature

For the well-being and safety of correctional staff and residents, it is important to have furniture that resists ligatures. Design with smooth corners and edges, and angles that are angled downwards is crucial. We can manufacture furniture using rotational molding to meet these needs while also eliminating any joints or seams where contraband may be hidden.

Here are a few suggestions for selecting corrections furniture. However, as each facility is unique, you may want to take into account other aspects. Cortech USA’s customer service agents and sales representatives will be happy to assist you. Visit the website or call us today.

The Best Way to Reduce the Risk of Ligature in Correctional Facilities

In correctional institutions, the goal is to offer a comfortable environment that promotes positive behaviors and provides a safe, secure atmosphere. Due to the wide range of psychological problems that occupants experience, design and security challenges are different. Designing spaces to reduce the risk of ligature in prison environments is a major aspect for keeping people safe.

Assess the Physical Environment

Be sure to check the surrounding environment and identify anything that might pose a ligature threat. The importance of this is even more important in spaces where there are fewer people present, like sleeping areas. The following are some of the most important items to check: mattresses, sheets, shower curtain/rails and locks on doors. Also, consider checking light fixtures, switches, electric sockets and door handles. You should remove any items or fixtures with looping or anchoring potential.

Use furniture that is resistant to ligatures

It is more likely that furniture which has been broken up into smaller pieces will put occupants in danger than polyethylene furniture made from a single piece. Cortech USA’s one-piece furniture is highly durable and has smooth, rounded corners. It will not chip or break and can be used for the manufacture of lethal weapons. Bolting the furniture onto the wall and/or floor using tamperproof hardware is the easiest way to install it.

Inspections should be performed regularly

Inspections in each room are the most efficient way to lower ligature hazards. Regular inspections can help to prevent potentially dangerous situations. They will also ensure that the occupants of the facility and their staff remain safe.

The importance of safety in furniture for Behavioral Health

The furniture for behavioral healthcare settings must be designed with safety features to meet the specific challenges. One of the key features is to use materials with no seams and joints. Another important feature are ligature-resistant design elements, such as corners or edges that have rounded angles. Safety is a must in furniture for behavioral health.

Create An Environment For Healing

The creation of environments conducive to healing and wellness is a priority for behavioral health institutions. To achieve this, facilities that provide behavioral healthcare prioritize furniture and decor which is both visually pleasing and safe to use. Cortech USA provides a range of “no-break” flame-retardant Polyethylene behavioral health chairs in a number of soothing colors. Our furniture comes in single-piece design with rounded edges and corners to reduce the risk of ligatures and other safety hazards. All of our chairs are comfortable and safe to be used by both staff and patients.

Think About Cleanliness and Sanitation

In order to create a relaxing environment, mental health centers must also consider hygiene and sanitation. Cortech USA’s furniture, which is made from rotationally-molded plastics, has no seams and joints. It’s designed for maximum comfort. The features of the rotationally molded furniture prevent bodily or liquid fluids from entering the furniture or penetrating its surface. They allow staff to clean and disinfect the furnishings quickly.

Protection of Patients and Staff

Protecting patients and employees is the final reason that safety in behavioral healthcare furniture is so important. Cortech USA’s safety designs and features ensure that our patients or staff cannot hurt themselves. Our furniture is designed to be safe and comfortable for anyone.