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Find Timeless Elegance With Ink Painting Classes


Enrolling into an ink course will take you on a journey of timeless elegance, which has fascinated many artists over the centuries the tingology. Ink offers artists, both experienced and beginners, the opportunity to explore subtleties with brush and pencil. The participants of this artistic journey will learn about the power monochrome has and the artful spontaneity that comes with controlled spontaneity. They also discover ink’s meditative and beautiful beauty.

Sumi-e Art:

Sumi e – a Japanese method of ink washed paint – is at the center of every class on ink paintings. Ink and paper rice are the only materials needed to create this ancient art form. Sumi’e introduces the student to the subtle movement of brush strokes and ink colors.


Brushwork is a key feature of ink art. Participants of ink painting learn how to control a brush precisely to create fine or bold lines. The brush allows the artist to express himself or herself with strokes which can convey emotions, textures, as well as the essence of their subject.

Harmony is the balance between harmony and equilibrium.

Many ink painting lessons focus on balance and harmony. Students will learn how to appreciate compositions that are simple and the artistry involved in creating them. Japanese aesthetics place a great deal of importance on “ma”, or empty spaces. They emphasise the importance and beauty of that which remains unsaid or not painted.

Subject Matter, Inspiration

Ink courses encourage their participants to be inspired by the natural landscapes as well as the traditional motifs. Inkbrushes are able to capture the essence of any subject, whether it’s tranquil bamboo groves or majestic mountains. In a series to projects, the artists will learn to compose themes and explore them in a way that brings back the spirit of traditional ink painting.

Cultivating mindfulness & patience

An ink-painting class cultivates much more than technique. It cultivates mindfulness and patience. The deliberate strokes made with the paintbrush, and the total immersion in the process of creation become a type of meditation. This mindful ink approach promotes a sense of calm that allows artists to tap into a deep flow of creative energy.


An ink-painting class is an immersive learning experience. It’s more than just a way to learn. This is not a skill-building program, but an exploration of the essences that make up artistic expression. Sumi’e has transcended time and cultures. Ink, brush and sumi’e enhance its elegance and spontaneity. Ink paint offers participants the chance to explore creativity and embrace this venerable form of art.